Professional Exclusion & Removal of Nuisance Wildlife

Including bats, squirrels, beavers and other wildlife

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Welcome to Estate Wildlife Control LLC!

Estate Wildlife Control LLC was established on January 1st, 2010 by Scott Borthwick as a full-time, full-service nuisance New Hampshire wildlife control business. Estate Wildlife’s purpose is to provide professional removal and exclusion of nuisance wildlife from residential and commercial properties in New Hampshire and Vermont.


  • Bat exclusion, removal and clean-up of bat droppings, and installation of bat houses
  • Beaver removal, management plans and beaver pipe installations
  • Squirrel (flying, red or grey) removal and exclusion
  • Removal of skunks, woodchucks, raccoons, foxes, coyotes, moles,
    opossums, rats, muskrats, snakes, birds, weasels, chipmunks, mice, and otters
  • Nuisance wildlife inspections either for new home buyers or in general
  • Bird netting and deterrents for geese and other birds
  • Chimney caps

Support the Bat Population By Buying a Bat House from Us!

Bat houses are a great and affordable way to support the bat population, especially if you have had us exclude them from your residence.

Our bat houses are built by hand right here at our worldwide headquarters in Canaan, NH. They are made from rough sawn white pine boards harvested and milled in Canaan. Each bat house is hand painted a flat black color for the northern climate because it absorbs the heat and keeps bats nice and warm. They are also available unpainted. Bat houses should be installed on an outbuilding, tree, or post and not on your house. They should be at least 12 feet off the ground and placed to receive the most sun. Estate Wildlife Control LLC offers installation services in New Hampshire and Vermont.

Multi Family Bathouse - Estate Wildlife Control

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Some of the Nuisance Wildlife We Remove


Contact Estate Wildlife Control LLC Today (603) 523-9284

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